Another penis size survey

Another Penis Size Survey

Another penis size survey

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 'It's the count that sizes'

 West Australian men have the thickest penises in the country but penis pump even the cooler climate couldn't stop Victorians winning in the length stakes.

 A new survey out today found there was just 0.5cm difference between the states but men's penis lengths varied widely from seven centimetres erect to 20cm erect.

 A condom manufacturer placed paper rulers in their condom packs and asked men to measure up.

 Around 1,000 men from around the country responded over three months.

 Among the findings was that the national average penis length was 15.3cm erect.

 Victorian men came in the longest at 15.5cm by a shade over Queensland, and one centimetre over NSW men.

 "We found that Victorian men just slightly outpaced the other states in length while Western Australia had the shortest overall penis length but also the widest," Daniel Walker of Four Seasons Condoms said.

 "You have to understand there's a certain amount of shrinkage in the cold states so I think Victoria's done particularly well."

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 There wasn't a big difference in average size between the states, with West Australian men winning the thickest penis stakes followed by NSW and Victoria.

 Average circumference at the base of the penis was found to be 12.6 cm.

 "We got a variety of results from quite small to extremely huge; with penis length for example, we got seven cm erect to 20 cm erect, nearly three times," Mr Walker said.

 It is not known whether men who responded to the survey felt the need to exaggerate, but Mr Walker said the findings measured up to similar independent studies.


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